English Edition: Instagram. Project: Influencer


This is not a manual. There are no basics of the “click twice to like the photo” kind. In this eBook I am focusing solely on development, on creation of strong and engaged community, on the ever so blamed algorithm (which isn’t as bad as they say) and on hashtags, the Achilles’ heel of many creators.

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Instagram. Project: Influencer


In this eBook I have focused solely on growth, which means building strong and engaged community. This is not an app manual, you won’t find basics like: press photo twice to like it. I wanted it to be compendium of my full Instagram knowledge. This is not an eBook about novelties. It is 3 years of my work, which I have partially shared during conferences, on my blog, Facebook, Instagram and also my work that I had yet to spread around. Instagram. Project: Influencer is a summary of my experience and of the journey I have went through, one that allowed my 150 thousand community to support me.

In the eBook, I will talk about relations, building community, about ever so blamed algorithm, which isn’t as bad as they say it is and about hashtags that are the Achilles’ heel of many creators. You will also find here few additions that will help you with making the work easier and aid you in more difficult situations.

I am leaving with you my first “child”, truly hoping that it will assist you in development of your own Instagram profiles, something I wish you from the bottom of the heart.


Inside you will find 89 pages of content about Instagram. It’s a PDF file and we are still working on providing you mobi/epub version, but this will take a little longer. If that happens, however, everyone who has purchased PDF will get access to other formats as well. File amounts to 19 MB.

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